About Us

Natasha Davis & Damian Chalmers

Damian and Natasha Chalmers are the couple behind Maple & Manchester Fauxmagerie. With a passion for the vegan foodie experience the two set out to create a unique craft line of cultured cashew cheezes that pair beautifully with the wines of the Okanagan region. In addition to cultured cheezes, Maple & Manchester offer a line of creamy sauces and decadent cashew cheezecakes. Damian hailing from Manchester, England has enjoyed a career in the food service industry gaining experience in management and service for 12 years. Coming to Canada for an adventure in the Autumn of 2019, Damian met Natasha who introduced him to the world of vegan foods at which time he began his own vegan journey and hasn’t looked back.

Natasha, a Kelowna native, is embarking on her tenth year of veganism and is a self confessed plant-based foodie. In her career as a wine, epicure, and travel journalist Natasha fell in love with blending the flavours of a sharp cashew cheeze with the bold wines of the Okanagan.

The name Maple & Manchester is a reflection of the couple’s roots, with the Canadian maple leaf and a bee, which is a symbol for the people of Manchester. Mancunians are known as hardworking busy bees. 

 In their spare time the couple enjoy time with their family, love early morning strolls with a cup of coffee, and cozying up with an Old Fashioned and a good game of chess.